Asphalt Reclaimation

Asphalt parking lots and roadways take a beating every day from constant vehicle traffic. Once pavement damage makes movement cumbersome or hazardous, it’s time to replace the surface material. To get the most out of your budget while protecting natural resources, we use a method called full-depth pavement reclamation.

·        Also known as asphalt pulverization, full-depth reclamation is a construction rehabilitation technique of removing the distressed layer of existing asphalt, blending it with the existing stone base, and creating a recycled usable base for the new asphalt.

·        Full-depth reclamation offers a host of benefits, including lowered costs, an expedited schedule, and added structural benefits. You also have the opportunity to rehabilitate roadways and parking lots without full closure and extensive downtime, minimizing disruptions for users. The reclamation process reuses 100% of the existing material, conserving virgin materials and preventing hundreds of tons of waste material from going to a landfill.