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Increasing Your Property Value with New Pavement


Balancing the outdoor space of a home requires juggling the number of grassy areas with the number of paved areas. Ideally, the paving complements the natural landscape creating a backyard oasis suitable for pets, children and adults alike. Increase the value of your property with the right combination of paved areas and landscaped areas.


A clean looking driveway instantly tracks potential buyers to your home. Even if you aren’t selling your home, a smoothly paved driveway is aesthetically pleasing to look at by anyone who comes to your home. There are numerous designs you can do to enhance the driveway of the home. If planning to use the driveway to hold a basketball court, you may want a solid flat driveway. Otherwise, you can do strips with grassy sections in between the concrete or asphalt. Another option is to use a variety of pavers suitable for driving on to create an old world feel.


Paving stones come in different sizes, shapes and colors. There are many colors to choose from to suit the home. Dark bricks work well in driveway areas as they are easy to maintain. Choose colors that complement the color of the home for a truly aesthetically pleasing look. Light colors next to dark colors provide a nice definition to the area.


How much area and what type of pavers to use depends a lot on the budget you have. The number of bricks needed depends on the area size which impacts the budget.


Wherever you plan to place the pavers needs to be smooth, free of grass and weeds. Moist soil compacted makes for a great surface to lay the pavers.

Whether you plan to sell your home or live in it for years to come, paving offers a lovely way to increase the value of your home. Although the project can be done by yourself, a professional may offer insight and planning options you haven’t considered. Plus, the professional handles all the prep work and laying down the pavers.