Concrete flatwork and masonry lay a foundation for a durable, strong and often beautiful commercial or municipal building. Whether you need to create barriers, create sidewalks or walkways, decorate an exterior element or something else, the team at Grasso Companies are here for you.


Concrete is an incredibly versatile building material, widely used in many commercial and municipal structures as well as in the surrounding exterior. It often comprises a huge portion of the structure itself, as well as being a vital part of pathways, barriers, parking lots, entryways and more. At Grasso Companies, we also praise concrete for its sustainability qualities, meaning it can be easily recycled and reused in another construction project.

Why Choose Concrete?

If you’re building a large commercial or municipal structure such as a school, shopping mall, warehouse, hospital and more, concrete is an optimal building material. Not only is it very cost effective compared to many other construction materials, but it also is durable and strong, able to support heavy use without problem. Concrete is able to withstand extreme weathers such as winds, heavy precipitation, fire, and often is praised for its durability against earthquakes. In addition, at Grasso Companies, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the newest technologies and concrete is no exception. Developments in this material include enhancements to thermal efficiency, which can help to reduce intense heat gains in winter and losses in summer.

Concrete Construction Services

Due to its versatility, you can easily use concrete for a seemingly endless variety of construction projects. Two of our most common include concrete curbs and sidewalks and concrete walls. Should you need more information about our complete concrete services for your commercial or municipal project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Like concrete, masonry is often used to add durability and structure to a building or its exteriors. However, masonry (although this is also possible with concrete, though less common) can add a distinct aesthetic appeal to your project. Used in construction for thousands of years, stonework adds timeless elegance to both the interior and exterior of your commercial or municipal building. At Grasso Companies, our craftsman are experts in the art of masonry, with extensive experience in working with a number of materials. Whether you’re looking for an entire new construction, a simple repair or even routine maintenance, we can get the job done right for you.

Why Choose Masonry?

Masonry work provides a number of benefits not often found with other construction processes. First and foremost, stone is an incredibly durable building material. It is naturally fire-resistant, can hold up easily to extreme weathers, and is fungus, mildew and termite proof.

Should you opt to use it as part of a landscaping concept for your exterior space, this will add dynamic beauty to your outdoors, welcoming clients and guests to your building. Masonry can also be used to create elegant borders within your property, creating a flow of movement both indoors and out. It is virtually maintenance free, improves the value of your commercial or municipal structure and is a sustainable building project, as the stones can be recycled and reused.

Masonry Services

At Grasso Companies, we’re proud to offer a number of expert masonry services for our valued commercial and municipal clients. This includes installation, maintenance, replacement and repair. Examples of our services include driveways and walkways, stonewalls, pavers, and more!


Discover why the experts of Grasso Construction have already won the confidence of so many in the course of the completion of thousands of commercial and municipal projects. Check out our gallery of images of both past and current projects for an idea of the scope and quality of our capabilities. Join our impressive list of highly-satisfied past and current customers, and discover why a decision to work with the Grasso team for your next concrete and masonry project is one you will never regret.


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