Throughout our many years in business, Grasso Companies has established a reputation for excellence in all forms of excavation, paving and construction, but we consider professional site excavation and development to be one of our specialties. From clearing a property completely of brush and trees to installing appropriate drainage solutions, sewer lines and fire hydrants, the extensive knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired in these specialized areas has been demonstrated time and time again.


Our comprehensive site development services include a complete range of site excavation, building preparation, site utilities, storm drainage, and hardscape applications such as paving, curbs, sidewalks, brick pavers, and other masonry work. We can also handle line striping and provide landscaping services that will serve as the ideal finishing touches to your project.

As with all of the services Grasso Companies provides, the safety of our workers and of everyone involved in each project is of the utmost importance to us. Extensively trained in best safety practices and strict quality control standards, our team can ensure that no safety component will ever be overlooked or neglected during the process of completing the tasks at hand. We work closely with engineers, owners and technicians to make sure that even the smallest safety measures will never be overlooked in the interests of cutting corners or saving time.


  • Lione Park Improvements (Stamford): New playground construction, utility installation, and parking lot construction.
  • Atlantic Street & Henry Street Improvements (Stamford): Road realignment, new curbing, sidewalks, street lighting and asphalt paving.
  • Oaklawn Avenue Improvements (Stamford): Road realignment, storm drainage, curbing, sidewalks, and asphalt paving.
  • Chelsea Piers (Stamford): Installation and finishing of various surfaces for this massive sports and recreational complex. 
  • SoNo Ice House (South Norwalk): Construction of a training rink and official NHL sized rink in this state-of-the-art facility. 
  • Pacific Street (Stamford): Update and surface improvements. 
  • Waterside School (Stamford): Paving of entire school property. 
  • Harbor Point Development (Stamford): Excavation, paving, and site development services for this LEED-ND Gold Certified, mixed use and transit oriented “live, work & play” initiative.


Discover why the experts of Grasso Companies have already won the confidence of so many in the course of the completion of thousands of commercial and municipal projects. Check out our gallery of images of both past and current projects for an idea of the scope and quality of our capabilities. Join our impressive list of highly-satisfied past and current customers, and discover why a decision to work with the Grasso team for your site development project is one you will never regret.


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