Contact a Paving Company To Help Your With Your Projects This Year


It’s the time of year again when paving contractor’s phones begin ringing continuously as homeowners, and commercial building owners notice cracks in their driveways, parking lots, and walkways. On the other hand, it could be those property owners deciding to pave a dirt road or gravel patch before the inclement weather sets in. Asphalt is the answer!

Since it was invented in the mid-1800s, asphalt paving surfaces have kept people safe, cars on the road, and businesses dirt-free. Here are some reasons you should contact a paving contractor this year to help you with your paving projects.


There are many types of driveways, but if you live in an area that requires a flexible surface that won’t succumb to the summer heat and or easily crack, asphalt is the way to go. Often referred to as blacktop, the hot mixture is constructed of sand, rock, tar, and asphalt cement. The blended mixture is placed upon a deep layer of fill to ensure proper drainage. A heavy machine then compacts the hot asphalt, and it is immediately ready to drive on.

Parking Lots

Although the paving process for a parking lot is much like a driveway, there are significant differences that your paving contractor must understand to ensure the lot is level and to keep water from seeping below the surface. The asphalt must overlap, but the layers must do so in a way that prevents low spots or wrinkles. This will prevent the conditions during a harsh winter from damaging the area. Additionally, to keep your parking area durable for over 20 years, the edges must be compressed into the surrounding soil to prevent water seepage.

Look for a qualified paving company when you get ready to pave your driveway or parking lot this year. They will understand the depth of asphalt your area requires to weather Mother Nature’s fury