When you’ve expended time, effort and money to have your yard professionally landscaped, the last thing you want is for all that hard work to be washed away in a heavy downpour. With major precipitation events becoming ever more frequent, it’s more important now than ever to ensure that you have sufficient drainage solutions in place to handle an overflow of water that is capable of doing considerable damage to your property in no time at all.


If you have only lived in your property for a short time, it may not be possible for you to predict how the water will be directed and channeled through the various existing natural and man-made features. Here is where the advice and recommendations from the drainage experts of Grasso Companies can be especially invaluable. With many years of construction and landscaping expertise to our credit in residential applications, you can rely on us to steer your drainage decisions in the right direction.

Curtain Drains

The curtain drain consists of a perforated pipe sunken into the ground which is then surrounded by stones and covered with landscaping cloth, and is most effective for redirecting water away from low-lying areas of the yard. A simple covering of gravel ensures easy access in order to clear a blockage or make a repair.

French Drains

Perhaps the most uncomplicated, versatile and cost-effective solution to flooding, a French drain consists of a trench dug into the soil that channels excess water away from vulnerable areas. The pipe, pitched at one degree or more, will allow water in and out, through the gravel, to be reabsorbed by the surrounding soil.

Dry Wells

As the name suggests, this treatment consists of sinking a well or holding tank that can take on and hold excess water during times of flooding and then release it gradually into the surrounding soil to not only reduce pooling, but also enhance your soil. Available in various sizes, dry wells are suitable for severe drainage issues.

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