Do you need demolition services? We offer expert professional demolition services for residential, municipal, and commercial projects. Whether you're building a new structure on your existing property, or simply need to tear down a dilapidated old building - we're here for you. We handle all types of demolition, including mass demolition, as well as selective structural and non-structural demolition.

Mass Demolition

Mass demolition entails tearing down the entire structure - whether it be a building, bridge, home, factory, or something else. This is typically a necessary service if you've purchased property with existing structures, but are ideally looking for a new build at the end. While some may be simple and easy, such as sheds or garages, others are more extensive. We remove all elements from the property which are deemed necessary for further steps.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is the removal of certain parts of your buildings or buildings. This may include interior soft demolition, foundation modifications, facade removal, and more. Structural demolition also tends to be broken into two groups: structural selective demolition and non-structural selective demolition. We understand the complexity of these type of jobs, are able to handle all types support project, while simultaneously leaving all other building and elements protected and untouched.


Demolition jobs tend to be expansive and complicated - no matter how small they seem. Hiring a professional with decades of experience and thousands of completed projects under their tool belt, like us here at Grasso Construction, will ensure your demolition project goes smoothly.

Proper Regulations

As a professional firm, we are well versed on all the necessary regulations, as well as we have the proper licensing and equipment, including a Class-A Demo Permit in the state of Connecticut.

Safety on site

As trained professionals, we understand all the risks and the proper safety procedures. Hiring us guarantees your project runs more smoothly, with safety of all workers at the forefront.

Effective Techniques

With the proper training, skill, and specialized equipment we can more quickly and effectively remove any unnecessary elements from your property with ease, without disrupting other structures.

Hazard Protection

We protect not only you from hazards, but also your property and the environment. This includes safely removing asbestos, as well as other elements that may cause contamination.


As with all of the services Grasso Companies provides, the safety of our workers and everyone involved in each project is of the utmost importance to us. Extensively trained in best safety practices and strict quality control standards, our team can ensure that no safety component will ever be overlooked or neglected during the process of completing the tasks at hand. We work closely with engineers, owners, and technicians to make sure that even the smallest safety measures will never be overlooked in the interests of cutting corners or saving time - no matter what size or type of project.

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