Your driveway has a big job to do. In addition to contributing to the well-kept and attractive look of your home’s exterior, it also has to be capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles as well as temperature extremes, precipitation, and damage caused by chemicals and lubricants.


So when you’re looking for a company you can trust to construct a driveway that can fulfill all of these requirements, look no further than Grasso Companies. Local, trusted, and established, we’ve got the extensive experience, know-how and superior quality materials and equipment that you can rely on to make sure your driveway will surpass your expectations, both in appearance and in functionality. 

There are several options when it comes to choosing the optimal materials to match your home’s aesthetic and give you the features and functionality you are looking for. We can advise you on the best of these driveway material options and components according to your needs:



Also known as blacktop, tarmac, or hot mix asphalt, this is the most commonly used material for roads and driveways, estimated to cover more than 90% of the paved roads in the US. This aggregate material is the result of stone and sand mixed with liquid asphalt cement, a petroleum product similar to oil or tar. Cost-effective and durable, it is easy to see why it is so widely employed.



An Oil & Stone driveway, also called a tar & chip driveway, has the appearance of gravel, yet offers the same impressive strength and durability as asphalt. A coat of oil is applied to the prepared driveway base before a layer of gravel is distributed over the service and compacted with a roller. Two coats of oil and stone are usually recommended. Customers can choose from various sizes and colors to create a custom appearance.



Imagine never having to shovel or plow your driveway again! Heated or radiant driveways are available in either mat or cable configurations for the ultimate in convenience and safety. Choose either full coverage or just tire track coverage according to your needs and budget. We can even create a custom system for your stairways and walkways. Can you imagine how much easier next winter will be?


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