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Road development requires an experienced company to make sure that it gets done right. Our years of experience in the niche make us uniquely qualified to assist with all your road development needs. Our team has worked with municipalities, cities, and even residential developers to plan and fully develop roads and highways from the ground up.

OUR Road Development SERVICES

From planning to finish work, the team at Grasso is one of the leading road development companies in the region. Take a look at our detailed process:


Our excavators and earth movers will get to work. We provide on-site excavation and can either move the excess topsoil or remove it from the site. Our excavation services will ensure that our graders have an easy job grading by removing everything, including stumps, roots or any other material that may be in the way.


Grading is one of the most important aspects of any road development process. Our graders have years of experience and will professionally grade the road so rain, snow and debris can trickle off. Most importantly, our grading will set up our paving team to deliver flat, consistent paving.


When developing roads, smoothing the surface or creating access to maintenance hole covers or storm drains sometimes requires milling. Milling can be described as removing at least part of a paved surface. Whether removing a few mm of pavement or removing it at full depth, milling is necessary for road development.

Site Development

Site development is an important step, here we will see our team lay out any drains, under-road cables, water lines, or anything else to set up your site for success. We will also mark out any specific features we need to pave around or return to once paving is done to smooth it out. This would include manholes or storm drains.

Granite and concrete curbing

Proper curbs are important for new roads for a few reasons. First and foremost, they allow water to run from the road and into pre-determined storm drains or ditches. Secondly, they provide a safety feature as curbing physically separates the road from properties or sidewalks. Finally, curbing adds curb appeal, as modern roads have curbs that are functional and look great.


Finally, we can get to paving. Our paving services allow you to customize the material and overall approach to your road. We have primarily worked with cement and asphalt and can lay down a road with expert precision. With our equipment and staff, you will be hard-pressed to find a more efficient and accurate paving company in the region.

Commitment to Safety

As with all of the services Grasso Companies provides, the safety of our workers and everyone involved in each project is of the utmost importance to us. Extensively trained in best safety practices and strict quality control standards, our team can ensure that no safety component will ever be overlooked or neglected during the process of completing the tasks at hand. We work closely with engineers, owners, and technicians to make sure that even the smallest safety measures will never be overlooked in the interests of cutting corners or saving time - no matter what size or type of project.

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Discover why the experts of Grasso Companies have already won the confidence of so many in the course of the completion of thousands of commercial and municipal projects. Check out our gallery of videos and images of both past and current projects for an idea of the scope and quality of our capabilities. Join our impressive list of highly-satisfied past and current customers, and discover why a decision to work with the Grasso team for your next project is one you will never regret.

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