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From highways to parking lots, we get it done with expert precision.

From commercial paving to residential paving, the team at Grasso Companies has been the go-to paving company in and around Stamford, CT, for years. Our team has honed its skills to deliver an all-encompassing paving service that includes exaction, soil stabilization, grading, site development and the final step, paving. With twenty years of experience in the business, you will be hard-pressed to find a better professional paving company with our combined experiences in commercial, residential and municipal paving.


From roads to driveways to parking lots, we are your professional paving experts. Our team offers complete new paving or even resurfacing and patching damaged pavement. These are some of our most popular paving services:

heavy & highway paving

When looking for heavy and highway paving, you need to work with a company that can deliver quality paving that can withstand several thousand tons per shift. Whether we are paving a mill, a new stretch of highway or even a busy loading dock, our team knows how to do it right. We take the time to ensure that everything from grading to paving is done to spec and ready to take on any weather or load you can throw at it.

Whether you are a municipality looking for a paving company to work with or a school needing your parking lot paved before the students come, our paving solutions are ideal for your needs. We have been working with asphalt for over twenty years, and with the latest tech we own, we can lay asphalt with expert precision and little waste. With our equipment and staff, we can do miles of roadway per day, which allows us to keep costs low while still delivering a high-performing product for our clients.

Asphalt has become one of the top choices for residential and commercial paving these days. Not only is asphalt a little cheaper in terms of material cost, but its ability to withstand the freeze and thaw we experience here in Connecticut is second to none. Our team has invested in multiple asphalt machines and works with some of the top suppliers in the state for our asphalt. Whether you want a parking lot, basketball court or a great little patio space, our asphalt paving services are the right fit for your needs.

No matter if you are looking to repave or simply repair, our team can handle all of your pavement milling needs. We have invested in top-of-the-line milling machines that are capable of everything from removing a top layer of concrete to smoothing the surface to a full removal. Over the years, municipalities and homeowner associations have used our milling services to re-grade, deal with low spots that gather snow, water, and debris, and even get rid of old paving that needs to be replaced.

Asphalt reclamation, otherwise known as full-depth reclamation, is a tried and tested practice of recycling old asphalt. The process sees a base layer go down, and the chemically treated recycled asphalt layer goes down on top, bonding with the base layer. Asphalt reclamation provides several engineering benefits compared to traditional asphalt, such as lower permeability of water and oils and a stronger bond to increase the lifespan of the asphalt.

Porous paving is another take on traditional paving that uses a higher percentage of air voids to allow for water movement through rather than around or down the concrete. Due to the specialized nature of this kind of paving, a durable and load-bearing layer of stones below the asphalt is needed to prevent washouts or other issues during significant rainfall. Some popular applications of porous paving include parking stalls, driveways, walkways, and plazas.

residential driveway paving

From a simple straight single driveway to a complex winding driveway, our team can help with your residential driveway paving needs. With our staff, we can clear, grade, and lay down asphalt all in a couple of days. Plus, with our equipment and high-quality asphalt or concrete, you will have no issues with bubbling, running or cracks once your driveway bonds.

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