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As storms become more intense and frequent in the coming future, it's vital that your commercial or municipal structure is protected with proper storm drainage. Proper storm drainage installation and upkeep may be difference between a flooded street, parking lot, or even ground floor. Don't settle for sub par storm drainage services. At Grasso Companies we ensure expert storm drainage installation, repair and maintenance to ensure that no matter what levels of precipitation come your way, your building and/or streets will never be at risk.


Storm drainage is crucial to ensuring that rainwater and other types of precipitation can effectively travel off of your property, into the main waterway system. This helps to reduce any chance of pooling or flooding. Here are some of our most popular storm drain services:

Storm Drainage Installation

Commercial properties often have more storm water runoff per square footage due to the greater area of impervious surfaces such as parking lots, sidewalks, entryways or flat roofs, compared to homes. Should a storm strike, ensure your commercial or municipal property is protected by an adequate storm drain system. Our storm drain services include directing water to other areas such as detention ponds, swales or bioswales, or retention basins.

Debris such as leaves, sticks, or garbage can easily clog up your storm drain. And if this happens in the middle of the business day, you may be facing a significant problem for clients, customers, visitors and/or employees at your commercial or municipal property. If you think you may have a blockage in your storm drain system, don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your commercial or municipal property against the perils of storm water drain problems.

Concrete box culverts are precast in a variety of specific internal profiles, sizes, and shapes. These precast box culverts don't require any additional treatment, and will last for many years to ensure optimal water flow. These also offer specific benefits such as incredible strength and long performance, easy installation, flexibility in sizes, shapes, and internal features. As well, they offer the option of additional features such as vent holes, inlets/outlets, and more.

Installing storm drain pipes with a larger diameter (compared to typical piping) requires a unique set of not only skills and knowledge, but also equipment to guarantee that the finished work functions properly. We have many years experience working with these specific types of pipes for commercial and municipal projects, which is often considered part of critical infrastructure. When you need large diameter pipe installation, look no further than Grasso.

In addition to the actual storm drain pipes, there are other elements that are necessary to allow your system to function properly. This includes other structural components such as catch basins or man holes. Catch basins are the curbside drain whose sole purpose is to collect rainwater and deliver it the local waterways. While manholes are an essential part of ensuring that your system stays operational. We offer complete structure installation services.


We want to make you feel secure with your storm drain solutions. Whether you’ve got flooding, draining troubles or difficulty finding the sources of storm water leakage in the interior or exterior of your commercial or municipal structure count on us today to quickly and efficiently find the cause of the problem. Should you need to replace your current system, we will help you throughout the entire process, including removing the old and installing the new.

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