Demolition is a demanding business, with professional contractors being hired to tear down buildings and remove unwanted structures. Over the years, the processes and machinery involved in this destruction have changed, but the three common ways to demolish a building include implosion, manual efforts, and deconstruction. The size of the building and scope of the project influence which method may be used.

Projects Range From Large To Small

With a small building, manual labor is often used to removed unwanted walls of features. Large hydraulic equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, elevated work platforms, and cranes generally support a ground crew. A wrecking ball is often used when a large building needs to come down. Between the years 1967 and 1968, a 47-story structure known as the 1908 Singer Building was torn down, earning it a place in history as the largest building ever to be demolished.

Strategic Planning Is Needed

It doesn’t matter how significant the project may seem, any site clearing and demolition is subject to extensive planning. All of the landscape elements are detailed with regard to being relocated, removed, or simply modified. Strategic planning determines the site setup, from construction limit lines to things like dumpster locations or side entrances and exits. Construction crews also establish staging areas, fences, and safety features for the site.

Concern for the Environment is Demonstrated

Projects that will involve trees or landscaping often require serious discussions concerning relocation or protection at least a year in advance. Many times, a non-movable construction fence is used to protect and plants or trees that are to be left untouched. Site materials that are destined to be reused, such as gravel, topsoil, or subsoil, must also be identified. Contractors bear the responsibility of thoroughly cleaning the site and properly disposing of any debris.

Demolition is a job best left to professionals. Skilled crews can plan a site to spare plants or other structures from damage, while safely and efficiently removing unwanted buildings.