While you don’t need to understand the construction principles that go into your property’s various features to properly maintain them, it does help to have a passing knowledge of what they do and why they are built a certain way. This lets you communicate more openly with contractors who do upgrades and repairs, whether they are working on the system in question or simply doing a job on something that system impacts. Storm drainage is one of those specialized areas most people don’t need to be experts in, but most property managers should be acquainted with.

Structure Is Function for Drains

When it comes to concrete drains, the function dictates the structure because building materials like concrete have very definite physical limits that allow builders to predict their performance within a certain range, as long as they respect the things their designs can and can’t do. Concrete is very versatile and long-lasting, but the design of the drain and its capacity are going to be dictated by the way it interacts with the terrain. For that reason, a lot of drain construction requires earthworks to make the system work optimally, and a lot of upgrading and repairing drainage involves digging to modify those earthworks.

Find Concrete Specialists for Your Building

If your property needs new drainage designed around new construction, it’s a good idea to look for specialists who can approach drain design as its own project. This lets you find the people who will be able to provide the best, safest drainage for your property, and it frees up your core architectural and design team to focus on the building and its main features, without having to do as much to plan for storm drainage around the property.

  • Get better results
  • Work with pros who understand the physics of drainage on the terrain
  • Find out how your site’s geography impacts your goals

It’s never a bad idea to find the pros who can help you get more from your investment. That’s true whether you’re dealing with building design or proper water drainage.