Reasons to Choose Asphalt for Your Paving Needs


Paving is a permanent part of the landscape in America. Between roads, parking lots and driveways, pavement is a part of nearly everyone’s life.There are many different materials used in paving, each with their own proficiencies and deficiencies. Asphalt paving is a good choice for many uses due to the fact that its attributes outweigh any detractors.


One reason that many people opt for asphalt paving is because of the low initial cost to install it. Asphalt itself is a low-cost option for paving, but when you consider that it can generally be laid down directly on top of any existing paving material, thus eliminating the time and expense of clearing out and otherwise preparing an area for paving, it becomes and even more economical choice.


Another desirable characteristic of asphalt paving is its physical flexibility. It has the ability to expand and contract with the changes in weather, which could result in fewer cracks and uneven spots as time goes on. It is also more forgiving with other environmental factors, such as tree roots and movement of the ground underneath the pavement.


While this type of paving does require regular maintenance, that maintenance will help reduce the amount of damage that the pavement sustains from regular use and exposure to the elements. And when damage such as a pothole does occur, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to fix. Also keep in mind that repairs blend into existing asphalt pavement better than other forms of pavement. After the pavement is resealed, any repairs are practically invisible.


Asphalt is also a very versatile method for fixing road damage, as it can be applied hot or cold. And because it sets up faster than other paving methods, asphalt is ready for use sooner, too.


While there are many options for paving roads, parking lots and driveways, asphalt paving overall offers the best benefits with relatively fewer negative aspects.