The Many Varieties of Concrete Sidewalks

Not only do sidewalks provide a nice accent to a home, even adding a level of respectability to a neighborhood, they also increase safety for walkers and bikers. People are also more likely to get out and exercise if they have a safe place to stroll. While most people may think a concrete sidewalk comes in just one shape and color, in reality there are many interesting options when it comes to installing new sidewalks.

Beautiful Colors

Nowadays, concrete doesn’t have to be just one shade of gray. Colored concrete can be obtained from many contractors, with a large choice of colors and hues to choose from. A creative homeowner can match the color of the sidewalk to the exterior of a home. Another option is to choose from color stains that add a little something extra to a new concrete sidewalk. A knowledgeable contractor can mix the stains so that just about any color is available.

Enhanced Safety

It is always much safer to walk on a sidewalk than it is on the edge of a street where cars may be whizzing by. The same is true of riding a bicycle, especially for young children. Another feature of a safe sidewalk is to add a non-slip surface to the concrete. This makes for surer footing if the surface is wet, and can be a great feature for the elderly or for people with balance issues. Along the same lines, the sidewalk can be adorned with designs via the use of metal stamping tools.

Creative Arrangements

A new sidewalk does not have to be laid in a perfectly straight line in equal sections divided into slabs. It can follow the contours of the land and wind among and around trees, creating a look that is more like a path winding through a natural landscape. With a little imagination, a new concrete sidewalk can be a thing of beauty.