What Services Does a Demolition Contractor Provide?

Construction and demolition often go hand in hand. They’re two sides of the same coin. Most people look at the finished results after a construction project or remodeling project, but to get there first you need to demolish the existing structure. This isn’t something that homeowners or business owners should take on themselves. A demolition contractor is certified to handle everything related to demolishing structures.

Residential, Commercial and Municipal Demolition Services

Many construction projects have a demolition component. For example, homeowners may want some interior walls removed to have an open-concept kitchen and dining room. Home remodeling may mean removing exterior walls to make room for a new master bedroom. Sometimes, a dilapidated or fire-damaged home needs to be completed leveled to make room for a new house.

Commercial expansion generally involves knocking down parts of the structure to give business owners more space. It can also be necessary to completely demolish an old warehouse so new structures can be built on the land.

Municipal demolition services vary considerably, ranging from old asphalt for roadways to concrete structures for water distribution. A demolition contractor can coordinate these tasks, with teams often having access to heavy machinery that helps with large-scale demolition and cleanup.

Demolition In a Nutshell

There are several parts to the demolition stage of a project:

  • Analyzing the project goals
  • Deciding the best way to remove the desired structure
  • Preparing the worksite
  • Demolishing the building
  • Removing all debris
  • Cleaning up the worksite as possible

In other words, professional demolition is far more than knocking down a building with a wrecking ball or taking a sledgehammer to walls.

Hazardous Materials and Environmental Factors

For some structures, it’s necessary to carefully study environmental factors. A demolition contractor with experience in municipal work knows how to inspect the site and take measures to prevent damage to plumbing, gas lines and hazardous materials. These contractors are also certified in asbestos removal.