What To Do With Broken Concrete Sidewalks

If you own an older home, or your business is in an area with weather extremes, the concrete in your yard can easily become damaged, especially the sidewalks. Cracked concrete sidewalks can become uneven and cause you, your friends and your customers to stumble and even fall. Sadly, some individuals may even injure themselves on the uneven walkways. So, what do you do with broken concrete paths and sidewalks?


No matter the reason for your cracked sidewalk, if you don’t locate the problem and eliminate the cause before attempting repairs or replacement, the area will often continue to break again year after year, even with the new concrete. Whether it is tree roots, water erosion, or loose ground under the broken area, the reason for the damage must be identified and fixed before the situation can successfully be corrected.


Concrete technicians can repair the sunken walkway without replacing the whole area by injecting the problem area with a special mixture. If minor unlevel cracks are the issue, the site can often be troweled with a repair mixture and allowed to dry. A second coat of repair cement may be required to make the concrete sidewalks level enough to be safely be traversed.


If the reason for the damaged area is extensive, you may need to remove and replace the entire walkway in order to access the cause of the damage. Once the problem is eradicated, and the site is leveled or repaired, the sidewalk can easily be re-laid by a concrete professional. The area will take 28 days to cure, and then it can be sealed with a protective coating.

Sidewalks are an essential part of your home or business entryway. No matter which method you choose to fix the broken concrete sidewalks on your property, making sure your family and customers are safe is a high priority. You can do that by using one of the methods listed above.