Anyone involved in construction knows the value of a team that demolishes. A small group can destroy a multi-story building in a matter of seconds, and then remove the entire structure in a week or two. That same group can remove home walls, gut specified areas, and dismantle selected structures. Here is a quick guide to different types of demolition services.

Complete Removal

There are times when the complete removal of a structure is required. The team can use a wrecking ball to destroy walls, but it is a slow method. Implosion is used to destroy large buildings, and crews can take the whole edifice down in almost the same space it stood in. Teams can also completely remove a building using specialized equipment, including excavators, demo robots, and skid steer loaders. This type of destructive service is mostly commercial, but it is also used to tear one house down to build another.

Selective Dismantle

The selective and specific dismantling of walls, decks, and fixtures is another type of demolition service many homeowners use when they are renovating or updating their residences. Removal of wood, sheetrock, appliances, and flooring is all part of this type of team’s service. Special training is often required because of the need to maintain electricity and plumbing fixtures in the work area the crew is tearing out.

Disaster Demolish

Disaster can destroy buildings and make sections of the structure irreparable. When that happens, the damaged area must be removed, and the ruins of the storm must be cleaned up. The tear-out can sometimes be extensive, and it is always a safety issue involving possible mold. That is why disaster area demolishing is a thriving business.

Available Help

No matter what type of building, disaster, or area removal project you have, there is a service that can do the job. There are no tasks that are too large or too small, so call your nearest demolition company if you need help. From bathroom remodels to patio removal to flood tear out, they can do it all.