At Grasso Companies, we realize the importance of minimizing the impact of building and construction activities on the environment, and we are proud to take whatever steps we can to mitigate its negative effects. One important way that we do this is through our materials recycling program. By recovering and recycling aggregate materials from demolition projects such as curbs and sidewalks, road reconstruction jobs and other infrastructure initiatives, we can make an appreciable impact on reducing negative effects on the environment and ensure that both man-made and natural resources will be used to their full advantage.


Re-using and recycling concrete materials also makes great sense from  both an environmental and economic perspective. In addition to preserving non-renewable resources, it reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions generated from truck hauling. The more we recycle, the less need there will be for an ever-increasing number of quarries and pits. Gravel materials resulting from recycling and re-engineering can also be used locally for less expense than primary aggregate materials.


Once recycled aggregate has been properly processed and re-engineered according to established and approved processes, it is once again highly suitable for using in road reconstruction, as backfill, or as a base in a variety of applications, performing just as well or even better than new material.

In our yard at 314 Wilson Avenue in Norwalk, we accept the following materials from residential, commercial, and municipal sources for recycling into new gravel:

• Concrete
• Asphalt
• Concrete Blocks and Bricks
• Stumps, Vegetation, and Brush


By choosing to recycle materials left over from your demolition or construction project, you will be making a vital contribution and helping to minimize negative environmental repercussions. Perhaps even more importantly, you will encourage other individuals and businesses to do the same by following your example. For your local community today as well as for future generations of builders, it’s an effort that is well worth making.


Let us take a load off your mind with our comprehensive aggregate and natural materials recycling program at our Norwalk facility. Be a responsible recycler and help to reduce the environmental impact of your project. Call 203-838-0123 or click the button below to arrange for a complimentary consultation and quote.