Steps to Refresh Your Asphalt Parking Lot


First impressions last. For a business, that includes the impression clients and visitors get as soon as they pull into your parking lot. If the asphalt is cracked and your painted parking spaces are fading, that impression may not be the best. Restriping those spaces and rethinking traffic flow can give your parking lot a fresh look. A professional paving service can walk you through these six steps to a fresh parking lot.


Step One: Inspect the Lot

Have the paving service inspect the lot for damage before restriping. Make any necessary repairs before you restripe to ensure a smooth, clean job.


Step Two: Plot a Path

Work with your paving service to create a parking lot design that allows for simple, easy traffic flow. Review the number of parking spaces that currently exist and determine if you need to increase or decrease that number.


Step Three: Follow the Rules

Your final number of parking spaces will decide the number of handicap spaces required by law. Make sure you comply with all regulations so that you do not have to restripe unnecessarily. A simple mistake, but it could be costly.


Step Four: Choose the Right Equipment

Ask your paving service if they use high quality paint, which will make lines brighter and easier to follow, and if their striper is a walk-behind machine. These machines typically provided the best painted lines.


Step Five: Consider Some Amenities

You may want to add speed bumps to keep traffic at the proper pace and avoid excess wear and tear on the asphalt. You might also consider new signs or added striping to direct foot traffic to crosswalks and sidewalks.


Step Six: Schedule Your Next Restriping

To keep your asphalt parking lot looking its best, schedule your next restriping with your paving service. Restriping is best done every one to two years, based on the unique wear and tear of your lot.