In the hustle and bustle of busy commutes, it often goes unrealized how much the road surface is a factor at allowing vehicles to move quickly and efficiently. This pavement is laid by professional contractors with the experience and knowledge to provide a strong and lasting surface. Many of these same experts also offer their services to home and business owners, providing paving similar to the roads you drive every day.

Laying a Solid Foundation

While most new homes in neighborhoods are built with the cost of a paved driveway built-in, properties built on personal land or in rural areas often come without one. This can be an inexpensive option to start, but the constant maintenance, lack of complete functionality and low curb appeal can quickly negate that advantage.

One of the most critical aspects of any asphalt paving job is the preparation work and quality of materials. Contractors can provide the equipment necessary to properly grade the driveway for proper drainage. They also have the know-how to analyze the base foundation the asphalt will be placed on, as well as the proper features of the blacktop itself – a mixture of stone, sand and asphalt cement.

Refresh or Refurbish

Asphalt is not restricted to being laid on previously unpaved surfaces. It is certainly one of the most durable pavement options – lasting 10 to 20 years depending on several factors – but that means refurbishing the original surface may be needed. If the blacktop has certain areas of disrepair but is otherwise still in good shape, a contractor can provide patching or resurfacing services. In other cases, new asphalt paving can be placed directly on top of the older surface.

The driveway to your home shouldn’t be an afterthought like the streets you travel on every day. Done properly, it can be one aspect of your property that provides worry-free beauty for years to come.